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$7 Aldi Wine Wins International Gold Award

Who said cheaper can’t be better? The worst-kept secret in the world of fine wines is that blind taste tests embarrass every expensive bottle on the market. Humans simply don’t have advanced enough smell or taste receptors to detect where specific grapes are grown, how long the wine’s been corked or any of the other silly things you see on TV and in movies.

Case in point? The seven dollar bottle of Aldi wine that won a gold award at a wine taste test.

Wait, A Cheap Wine Won an International Award?

That’s right, a seven dollar bottle of Shiraz from the Australian branch of Aldi took an international gold medal at the Sydney International Wine Competition 2020. If you’re interested in picking up a bottle of the gold medalist, it’s called One Road Goulburn & King Valley Cabernet Merlot 2018. The wine won in a taste test against numerous other drinks of ostensibly higher pedigree, and certainly higher price.

However, Aldi didn’t just win with that one. They also took home a Blue Gold for their A.C Byrne & Co Margaret River Cabernet Merlot 2018, which comes in under $10. Even more of their wines were awarded, too: Veuve Monsigny Brut Champagne came in the top 100, and it sells for $22. All of this is to say: more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to wine.

Sydney International Wine Competition

At the Sydney Wine Competition, the wines are judged based on their food pairings. In the case of the gold medalist, it was paired with wagyu beef, potato gratin and fennel salad. “The savoriness of the wine paired well with the dish – a peaceful match,” said one judge who was tasting it alongside the dish.

Another judge added “The palate is clean, bright and delicious with a really appealing juiciness.” Common points of praise were the black fruits, the palate and the overall flavor composition of the drink. Since wine is so commonly paired with food, any wine that can win over the top judges in one of the top wine competitions is well-worth your money.

Especially if that’s only seven bucks!

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