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I’m Ruth, and I want to save you money.


I’ve been pinching pennies since I got my first job back in high school… That was longer ago than I’d like to admit, but the good news is that I have a lifetime of experience to pull from when I sit down to write my advice articles!

They say write what you know, so at this stage of my life I am writing in order to help my fellow seniors get the most out of their retirement budgets. It’s not always easy to pay for daily expenses, medical costs and then try to have a little fun on the side. But I’m not writing for any specific budget — no matter how much money you have tucked away, a deal is a deal!

Check back daily to find great articles on saving money from myself and my guest writers. From prescription medicine to car insurance to a lovely cruise vacation, we are here to help YOU save the most money you can! After all, every penny saved is more to spoil the grandchildren with, right?

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