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Grandparents should never gift expensive, loud, or large gifts to their grandchildren and here's why.

Gifts Grandparents Should Avoid for Their Grandchildren

All grandmas and grandpas like to spoil their grandchildren, but there is a fine line between spoiling them and overdoing it.

Aside from luxurious gifts, there are a few other categories of gifts that should be avoided. You should always consider the feelings of not only your granddaughter or grandson but their parents as well.

Excessively Pricey Gifts

If you are well-to-do, you may want to give your grandchild an expensive gift. Not only can this cause ill feelings at what is supposed to be a fun family holiday, but it can also end in regret and apologies. Parents often end up apologizing to their parents and being left feeling guilty if their children are given expensive gifts that end up being broken or mistreated.

Parents can also end up feeling bad about their own gifts if their parents one-up them during the holidays. Grandparents should always consult the grandchild’s parents before gifting – especially when giving expensive items.

Space Eating Gifts

Stay away from large gifts. You won’t be the one that has to find space for them, and those gifts can cause problems within the home. Don’t assume there is a space in the living area or a corner of the child’s room that could be cleaned out to accommodate the gift.

If it is not your home, make no assumptions about what will fit and what will not. Stick to small gifts and save everyone the headache of figuring out where to put something larger.

Noisy or Loud Gifts

Be aware that not everyone wants to listen to a loud train horn or laughing baby multiple hours of the day. Not only do loud gifts cause havoc during the celebration, but they’ll end up driving the parents mad in a very short period of time.

Before you buy, consider if you could listen to the sound of the toy or gift for hours and end. If you can’t, or you know your son or daughter couldn’t, don’t buy it.

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