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Giving gifts your adult children will love and appreciate is easier than you think.

Gifts Your Adult Children Would Love to Get

As your children get older, it may be more and more difficult to find something they’ll love for the holidays. They are no longer writing out a wish list or want the latest and greatest toy. So what do you get them?

Here are some gifts that can help make their lives easier… and some they will just love to receive.

Make Life Easier

Especially if your adult children are raising kids of their own and working to support their family, they’ll love gifts that simplify their lives. These gifts allow your kids to spend more time with your grandchildren and take some of the load off of them, making these items a win for everyone.

After a busy day at work, finding time to clean the toilets, mop, vacuum, and dust is the last thing someone wants to do. Consider gifting your child an occasional housecleaning service to help with some of these tasks.

Another time-saving gift that your adult children will love is food. Finding the time to get to the store and cook a healthy meal adds challenges to any workweek. If you live nearby, you can gift them meals. Cook up some of their favorite dishes that can be frozen and deliver them as their gift. You can gift them a week’s worth, a month or even give them some handwritten coupons they can redeem whenever they have a busy week ahead.

Another gift that your adult kids will love is free babysitting! If your children have their own kids, gifting them free babysitting throughout the year can be a big help. It lets them get out of the house and not worry about who they are leaving their children with. Offer to babysit for them whenever they need it, or get them a gift certificate to enjoy a nice dinner while you watch the kids.

Gift Them What They Don’t Buy Themselves

As children get older, they have to manage their own finances and go without some of the things they love most.

Maybe they are buying cheaper steaks at the store or need new clothes they can’t afford on top of their other monthly obligations. You know your children best, so if you see them sacrificing things they once loved–gift them those.

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