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Take a Senior Defensive Driving Course and Save on Auto Insurance

Many states and third-party providers offer defensive driving and safety courses for seniors. Even if you feel you don’t need to take one, you should. Most programs are available to people over the age of 55 and can earn you an additional discount on your auto insurance.

Insurance Discount

Check with your insurance provider to find if they offer a discount once you’ve completed a senior safety and/or senior defensive driving course. Find out what age you need to be and what the course requirements are before signing up.

Many insurance companies only offer the discount for approved driving courses, so be sure you are signing up for one that qualifies for the discount. There are both in-person, and online classes offered to make it convenient for you to complete the course and snag your discount.

Providers that offer the discount include Geico, USAA, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, and AARP to name a few. Other carriers may offer the discount as well.

Where to Find a Course

When you speak to your agent, they should be able to send you a list of courses that are eligible for their discount. Many states offer courses as well through their Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles divisions.

Although this discount can save you as much as 10%-15% off your premium over the course of three years, only about 15% of seniors take advantage of this discount. Some states, including Florida, even require insurance carriers to give senior drivers a discount upon completion of an approved senior safety driving class.

AARP members can complete the course from the convenience of their own homes as well. They offer a number of classes online to refresh your road skills – and qualify you for insurance discounts you will otherwise not be eligible for.

This is one of the easiest discounts you can snag as a senior. If you are still driving and haven’t taken advantage of this senior-only discount – you’re paying too much. If your insurance provider does not offer the discount and a discount is not required by your state laws, shop around and find out where you can save.

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