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What Are 3 Things You Should Always Buy New?

There’s nothing that feels better than getting an amazing deal at a thrift store. A brand new pair of pants for $5 when you know they sell for $100 retail? What about a piece of kitchen equipment that’s barely been used, but in great condition, for what feels like a steal?

It’s a rush, that’s for sure. But not everything should be purchased second hand, even if it’s available at your consignment or thrift store.

Here are our top 3 things you should never buy used, but some related items that can you scoop for a great deal.

Mattresses and Pillows

It’s not like you can toss your mattress in the washer for a while on hot to get all the questionable things out of it! Mattresses and pillows should pretty much always be purchased new.

The soft, thick interior means that you don’t really know what is hiding in there, be it germs, bugs, or general gross-ness. And you can’t thoroughly clean mattresses or pillows. This isn’t saying that you can’t get a good deal (studies have shown Memorial Day to be the best shopping weekend for mattress sales!), but you should pick them up new.

On the flip side, you can outfit your bedroom in other ways from thrift stores! Anything wood, like a bed frame, dresser, or nightstand can all be purchased second hand. Pillowcases and sheets can, too, just make sure to wash them well to get anything “lingering” out of them before use.

Couches, Loveseats, and Soft Furniture

Here’s the thing… the same reason that you really don’t want a used mattress is why you don’t really want a used couch, love seat, or upholstered furniture. Sure, sometimes it is fine and perfect.

But bed bugs are a thing. So are mice that hitch a ride, or roaches that lay eggs. Gross, we know, but it’s true. Any soft furniture should be avoided because it really isn’t worth bringing something like that into your home.

Any “hard” furniture, like a TV stand, coffee table, end tables, and even leather couches are all safe to purchase second hand, as long as you inspect thoroughly beforehand.


This one is going to have people pretty divided, but generally speaking, we recommend avoiding most electronics with some exceptions.

Unused electronics are the perfect hiding places for bugs (it’s gross, we know) like roaches, and sometimes they will hitch a ride to a new location. When you take that microwave home and turn it on for the first time, you could be waking up a whole nest of critters.

Yes, I’m just as uncomfortable writing this as you are thinking about it.

There are some exceptions. If you find a really excellent deal on an electronic that you can’t live without, like a microwave, game console, or more, take the time to really inspect it. Wiggle loose parts, shake it around and pay attention to any holes where (gulp) something could come out of.

Feel good? Before you bring it in your house, take a screwdriver to it and pull off the back panel or any area you can to get in there and make sure it’s not infested.

Yes, you can save a ton of money on items like this from a thrift store. Or you could spend thousands on pest remediation because you wanted to save $30 on something. Choose wisely and carefully, is all we’re saying.

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